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Welcome to Motorcycle Manics!

Here is a place where all of you motorcycle lovers can come to get all kinds of information about helmets. Our knowledgeable team of writers has taken the time to compile facts and do hours of research to ensure that you are getting the best helmet for your needs. We don’t let any random person write about the dome piece that keeps you safe if in the event of an accident. We will find a writer who has experience with helmets, riding, and who knows the struggle of helmet shopping or wearing glasses while riding.

So, what exactly can you find here on Motorcycle Manics?

*Are you looking for a helmet but don’t have the time to go shopping or do the research? We’ve researched topics such as the best motorcycle helmets based on big names, such as Bilt and Simpson. You will also find other popular brands such as HJC and Bell along with less popular or lesser known brands that are trying to make their way to the top. All the work done by us so that you can start riding sooner!

*Looking for add-on’s for your helmet or awesome technology that could make your riding experience even better? We provided you with articles that focus on the best helmets for glasses because riding with them can be a hassle, especially with a brain bucket (half helmet) or a tightly fit full face helmet. We researched about helmet cameras for the rider who wants to document their travels, helmets with bluetooth capabilities built-in for easier communication between driver and passenger, helmet speakers for intercom capabilities or music, cheaper-but safe- helmets, higher end priced helmets and so much more!

*We will also provide you with some argumentative pieces such as cheap vs expensive, modular vs full face, and Sell vs Dot. These are extremely helpful for someone who hasn’t yet quite decided which brand they want to go with.​

*Do you have some common unanswered questions? We haven’t left out the posts that could answer a question that a lot of people may have such as how a helmet should fit, if you can paint one, how to paint one, and what the lifespan of a helmet is.

I hope that the content available on Motorcycle Manics is to your liking and that it gives you all of the information you are looking for when it comes to your helmet. We know how important safety is to a motorcycle driver and passenger, which is why we put so much effort and research into our material. We hope that you are able to find the perfect helmet for you and/or your rider with minimal effort and maximum confidence.​