19 Awesomely Themed Motorcycle Helmets: #6 Is The Best!

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Motorcycle helmets can be so plain and boring. When you’re out cruising the highways or mountains, you want to make a statement with your helmet. You want people to stop at your bike at a gas station to check out your kick-butt dome piece. So, what’s a better way to make that statement than to find the most awesome themed helmet there is.


Fall In Love With Fallout


Video games are still very popular, and one of the most popular games today is Fallout. So why not represent your love for the game with a replica gas mask as your helmet? Not only does it show you play the game, but it’s also a pretty sick looking piece.


The Puuurfect Helmet


Do you love cats as much as the rest of the world seems to? Well, now you can incorporate your love for cats with your helmet. This unique helmet features cat ears on the top to make it look like there’s a cat riding a crotchie.


Light Up Like Tron


These EL wire LED lighted helmets will light the night with a colorful glow while you’re out cruising the streets. These unique dome pieces come in multiple colors to fit anyones individuality. You can buy these lights and decorate your helmet to look like anything you want, such as Iron Man.


Chrome Out With Your Dome Out


You can add chrome to just about anything, including your helmet. But, with these, it’s not just a small piece on the back, it’s the entire thing. You can chrome out your headgear with shiny, bright colors to ensure no one misses you on the road. You’ll also look strikingly similar to characters from Halo.


Make Your Helmet Smile


Since you can’t see your mouth in a full faced helmet, why not paint a mouth on it? These funky helmets feature a huge grin and a nose right under the visors that look like sunglasses. While your helmet is crackin a smile, you’re also getting others to crack a smile when they look at your helmet.


Becoming The Predator


Do you remember the scary looking thing from Alien vs Predator? You know, the Predator? Have you ever admired his face so much that you want to actually have his face? Well, now you can. This unique helmet is designed to look just like the Predator. Some people may admire it while others run for this hills. It’s always fun to play that game.


“I Am Iron Man”


This Iron Man inspired helmet looks just like Tony Stark’s character from the famous movies and comics. It features the red and yellow chrome with a rising visor. Tony Stark isn’t flying these days, he’s riding a chopper.


The Force Awakens


I was that kid that watched the Star Wars movies and wished he was a storm trooper instead of Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. When I saw this storm trooper themed helmet, I put it on my “must have” list. You can get these helmets in a variety of different designs with multiple features. You can have your own storm trooper army if you can get all of your buddies to buy one.


Transform To Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime is one of the most popular transformers there ever was. So, why not represent him as you’re out on the open road. This Blue and silver designed helmet features the facial features of the ever so popular big rig with the “ears” intact on each side.


Crystals, Crystals, And More Crystals


Ladies love the bling. This helmet is completely covered with jewels. Crystals, spikes, and topped off with a bow. There won’t be any mistaking your lady in a large crowd. She’ll shine like a disco ball and remain as elegant as that bow.


Steampunk It Up


Steampunk is a type of science fiction sub-genre that features characteristics of steam powered machinery. These helmets look like something out of a Terminator movie with it’s bike chain outlines and shiny glass eyeballs. Pretty spooky if you ask me.


Hello To Halo


Halo is another popular video game today, so why not have a motorcycle helmet that looks like a halo character’s head? This helmet features the squared off mouth and the shiny visor. Whether you’re riding a warthog or a bike, you’ll be protected in style.


Na Na Na Na Batman!


Forget the batmobile! Batman now rides a motorcycle. This helmet features a batman-like face with pointed ears, just like the half man, half bat character. Your helmet will have people looking in the sky for the bat signal over Gotham.


Or Spiderman?


Not a fan of Batman? That’s cool. How about Spiderman? This helmet features the popular qwb design of Spiderman’s mask with the Spidey eyes painted on the visor. Don’t use your web slinger on the bike though. It’s probably not safe.


Football Fanatic


Are you a lover of football? Whether you praise the Jets, chant for the Giants, or cheer for the Bills, you can represent the love for your team with custom NFL painted helmets. The bright colors and team logos are sure to stand out amongst a crowd. Be careful though. You don’t want to show up in a bar with a gang of Jets fans wearing a Giants helmet and vice versa.


Go, Go, Power Rangers


Do you still love the power rangers as much as your 8 year old self did? Why not show it off with a helmet that shows off the color of your favorite crime fighter. Did you enjoy watching the talented black ranger, the perky pink ranger, the awesome blue ranger, the kick butt yellow ranger, or the radical red ranger? Whichever one was your favorite, you can represent them on your helmet.


Traditional Flames


Flames are still as popular as they were when they were first considered to be cool. Today, you can see them encasing the gas tank of many motorcycles with an outstanding paint job. People are now taking it to a whole new level and adding flames to their helmets. Whether you have a half helmet, brain bucket, or full face, you can add flames to anything to make you stand out.


Representing Deadpool


He’s not your ordinary and you don’t want your helmet to be ordinary, so why not combine the two and plaster his face on it? I loved the deadpool and honestly, who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds? Take your bromance for him to the next level and put that black and red paint scheme, eyes included, on your beloved helmet.


God Bless America


Do you love your country? Why not show that love by plastering the American Flag or the bald eagle on your bran piece. When you’re out on the open road, that red, white, and blue paint scheme will show everyone what you represent and love so much. I’ve seen these while I've been out riding and they’re definitely pretty awesome.


This list has some pretty awesome helmets on it, i’m not going to lie. I would wear all of these helmets, well, aside from the really girly ones. Each one of these pieces are sure to turn heads while you’re out on the open road and everyone will love the unique creations on your head. Although these may seem cool, you should be sure that the helmet is right for you. Be sure to check out our helmet reviews before buying one. And as always, if you liked this article, feel free to comment and/or share!

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