16 Wicked Celebrities That Ride Motorcycles

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Isn’t it awesome when you find out a major celebrity loves something that you do? “Hey! They’re just like me!” Not really, but it's still cool to see when my favorite famous people ride bike. Motorcycles say something about a person, don’t’ you think? So, I’ve assembled a fine list of already awesome celebs who ride motorcycles for your enjoyment.

1. Norman Reedus

Norman deserves the top spot on this list because riding a motorcycle has become part of his identity. First gaining popularity with his role in The Boondock Saints, Reedus has since blown up with his character Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead where he rides, you guessed it, a motorcycle.

But Reedus is actually a major petrol head outside of film, and can almost always be spotted riding somewhere.

2. Tom Cruise

He’s ridden one a time or two in some of his action films, but Tom Cruise loves riding motorcycles in real life, too. He apparently owns a decent collection of vintage models, but loves to rise around on his Vyrus. As he should. It’s only a $100k bike.

3. Pink

We couldn’t very well have a list like this and not include a lady, now could we? And what better person to fill the spot than Pink? She rocks, literally. Pink sports a bike in a few of her music videos but it’s because she’s a major rider in real life.

4. Brad Pitt

Mr. Pitt may not get too many long trips in these days, what with his huge clan of children waiting at home for his attention, but Brad does manage to find time to ride every now and then. But his collection is worth a fortune, especially the new addition of a World War II Nazi model, worth almost $400k. Yowza.

5. Ewan McGregor

Best known for his role as a young Obi Wan Kenobi, Ewan sports the beard from time to time while maintaining an avid bike riding lifestyle. He apparently rides his bike everywhere when he’s not away working.

6. John Travolta

You’d think John would just do a smooth dance move to get wherever he was going. But Mr. Travolta actually loves to arrive via motorcycle, if he can. His love for riding spurred the idea to do the movie Wild Hogs. It was a bit of a flop, but I bet he had fun making it.

7. Charlie Hunman

You haven’t been living on planet Earth if you don’t know who Charlie Hunman is. The native Aussie hardly ever uses his real accent on screen but he is well known for using something else from real life; his love of motorcycles. Charlie is an avid rider and is best known for his breakout role on Sons of Anarchy, a hit TV series about a biker gang.

8. Kurt Sutter

And here we have the mastermind creator behind the TV show Sons of Anarchy. Kurt took his lifelong passion for motorcycles and turned it into an addicting TV series. He played a minor part in it, too. The role of Otto Delaney from the first 9.

9. Joshua Jackson

Best known for his breakout role on Dawson’s Creek back in the 90’s, Joshua Jackson has kept up quite the career ever since. He picked up a few tricks along the way, including a knack for bike riding. In between projects, Jackson has been known to pack up and hit the road for weeks on end.

10. Orlando Bloom

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At first glance, he doesn’t strike you as the biker type. But I suppose, anyone can enjoy riding. Orlando Bloom is best known for being in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but he’s not really well known for riding around on a motorcycle, yet he does. It’s his main means of transportation when he’s not working.

11. Kid Rock

No here’s a guy whose image screams MOTORCYCLE. He’s rarely seen without one between his legs and he even has a partnership with Harley Davidson. They sponsored his Rebel Soul tour and even made a custom, limited edition line of bikes based on it. Talk about match made in heaven.

12. Jay Leno

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Jay Leno is really known for three things; being a talk show host, having a big chin, and riding his motorcycle while wearing a giant helmet. He’s known for having one of the greatest bike collections in all of America, too. Swanky.

13. Stephen King

When he’s not making your childhood nightmares come to life, Stephen King can be found roaming the back roads of America on his bike. He even had a guest role on Sons of Anarchy, if you look close enough.

14. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is best known for kicking a Persian messenger into a giant hole while screaming, “THIS IS SPARTA!”. But he’s also well known for being a wheelman. He loves the open road and apparently jumps on his bike at every chance.

15. Ryan Renolds

He was idolized by millions of young girls for being a good-looking guy, but now he’s the apple of every comic lover’s eye after playing the role of Deadpool, which he was clearly born to do. But Ryan is also a major bike lover and can be seen riding his motorcycle all over Vancouver.

16. Keanu Reeves

Here we have a peculiar celebrity. Keanu is mega famous and probably stuffs all his extra money in a golden vault under his house. But you’d never say it by looking at him. He wears normal clothes, lives in a modest apartment, and rides the city bus. But when the bus won’t do, he can be found on his beloved motorcycle. Nope, no limos for this guy.

To Conclusion

Did you find this list of bike riding celebs entertaining? Did any of them surprise you? As a fan of most of these guys (and girl!), I feel like it’s so cool to see them enjoy something that I love, too. Brings them down to my level a little more.

What do you think? Do you know of any other celebs who ride? Comment and share below!

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